Epikos Land Planning

The foundation for any design is built well before a pen is uncapped. At the onset of every project, we look to the land for guidance and to the local culture for inspiration. As an award winning firm, we have brought this Smart Growth philosophy to countries around the globe, to beachfronts, river plains and mountainsides revered for their beauty and natural features. Our goal is to create a place that is enduring and that is in harmony with its surroundings. Epikos is proud to be a USGBC member firm with LEED Accredited Professionals on staff.


Land Planning |

An Integrated Approach – From the earliest conceptual stages, both planning and architecture must be intertwined and complimentary of each other. For a village to succeed, the negative space or open space, must be deemed equally important to the postive space buildings and elements that exist within.

Architecture |

Appropriate Architecture – It means respectfully taking into account the site, the climate and the culture. It means understanding that a project's influence extends well beyond the property lines. This approach creates enduring architecture with comfortable scale, ambiance and animation. Our designs incorporate local materials that are in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

Landscape Design |

Take Cues from the Land –The best projects are those where constraints become opportunities. Epikos takes a “land first” approach to design that is guided by the beautiful order and proportions found in nature. Our elegant designs take a sensitive and respectful approach that works with, not against, the land.